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    Sabah, Petronas launch gas masterplan


The Sabah Gas Masterplan will help in the development of natural gas resources in the state, Petronas said. [Image: Petronas]

by: Shardul Sharma

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Sabah, Petronas launch gas masterplan

The Sabah state government and state-owned energy company Petronas on January 4 launched the Sabah Gas Masterplan.

Petronas said that the masterplan highlights three distinct investment opportunities for Sabah’s natural gas resources, the first being the construction of an LNG plant with a capacity of 2mn metric tons/year at the Sipitang Oil and Gas Industrial Park.

The LNG facility will also provide opportunities for Sabah to expand its LNG distribution across the state through activities such as the virtual pipeline system, allowing more industrial and commercial businesses to access and utilise natural gas as a cleaner source of energy, Petronas added.

Secondly, the Sabah government will be taking up a more prominent role in gas marketing and distribution in the state, with 120mn ft3/day of gas to be made available for the development of key industries. The natural gas will be supplied from Sabah oil and gas terminal in Kimanis, and Sabah gas terminal in Tuaran.

Thirdly, the masterplan highlights a suite of petrochemical derivative options for Sabah to attract investors, based on market needs and future outlook, leveraging on locally available feedstock, Petronas said.