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    Russian Vessel Able to Finish NS2 Leaves Port


Gazprom's construction permit was revised by Danish regulators on July 6, allowing it to anchor pipelaying vessels.

by: Joseph Murphy

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Russian Vessel Able to Finish NS2 Leaves Port

Fortuna, the vessel Russia is expected to use to complete the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, has left the German port of Mukran, where it has been stationed for months, and has arrived at Rostok, shipping data shows. The other vessel anticipated to help finish the project, Akademik Cherskiy, remains in Mukran.

Only 6% of the pipeline's offshore section is left to complete, with the remaining section all in Danish waters. Danish regulators on July 6 revised Gazprom's construction permit, allowing the Russian supplier to anchor pipelaying vessels. It is understood that Gazprom is considering connecting Fortuna and Akademik Cherskiy, and anchoring them, in order to lay the pipe.