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    Russian Pipeline Exports to EU Rise in Year to Date


Even Poland bought a chunk more.

by: William Powell

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Russian Pipeline Exports to EU Rise in Year to Date

In the first nine and a half months of 2018, Gazprom exported 156.5bn m³* to the Far Abroad countries according to preliminary data, which is 5.2% more than within the period of January 1-October 15 last year. 'Far abroad' means countries in the European Union, Switzerland and Turkey.

In particular, supplies for target markets of Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project have increased significantly, it said. For example, exports to Germany rose 11.9% (4.8bn m³); to Austria, by 32.3% (2bn m³), to the Netherlands, by 38.6% (1.3bn m³); and to France, by 9.5% (0.9bn m³). Countries not along the NS 2 route also saw increases, including – notably – Poland which took 9.9% more; Greece took 17% more and Denmark 7.7% more. Poland is preparing to buy no more Russian gas once its contract expires in the coming few years, and is buying up US LNG and Norwegian gas among other alternatives.

According to preliminary data, from January, 1 to October 15, 2018, Gazprom produced 385.6bn m³ of gas, which is 6.8%, or 24.5bn m³ more than in the same period of the previous year. 

*All measurements are in Russian cubic metres, which are marginally smaller than standard cubic metres.

The company’s domestic gas sales from national gas distribution network increased by 4.5% (by 7.5 bcm).