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    Balkans Offer Small-Scale LNG Opportunities: Solar Turbines


ExxonMobil is studying the development of an LNG terminal in Albania.

by: Joe Murphy

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Balkans Offer Small-Scale LNG Opportunities: Solar Turbines

The Balkans lacks liquefaction facilities but presents opportunities to small-scale LNG suppliers, a representative of Solar Turbines, a gas services division of Caterpillar, said in a session at the LNG Congress Russia in Moscow on March 18.

The Balkan region currently receives small-scale trucked LNG via Bulgaria from Turkey, which in turn imports the super-cooled gas on a larger scale from suppliers like Algeria, Nigeria and Qatar, Mehmet Dogan, a regional representative of Solar Turbines, explained. There is a "serious market" for small-scale LNG in countries like Albania and Montenegro, which have limited pipeline gas infrastructure, he said, estimating demand in the two countries at 0.5bn m3/year.

"Gas suppliers should focus on these markets because its profitable," Dogan said. In these markets, small-scale LNG competes with other fuels such as diesel or LPG or electricity rather than with other gas sources, and this is what makes them attractive, he said.

Croatia launched its first LNG import terminal at the start of this year on the island of Krk, while Greece is developing a second terminal in Alexandroupolis but is yet to take a final investment decision. ExxonMobil and Excelerate Energy last week agreed to undertake a study on constructing a terminal in Albania.