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    Romanian Gas Demand Rises in 2019


Romanian demand rose but output fell, according to state statistics.

by: Joseph Murphy

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Romanian Gas Demand Rises in 2019

Romanian gas production dipped 2.3% in the first nine months of 2019, to 6.052mn mt of oil equivalent (7.04bn m3), according to data published by the national statistics office on November 13. But gas demand rose 7.3% to 7.484mn mtoe, causing imports to spike by 83.8% to 1.431mn mtoe.

Romania uses Russian gas to cover the shortfall in its own supply. But it hopes to become a gas exporter in the 2020s on the back of the launch of several Black Sea discoveries.

Oil production dipped 1.2% to 2.495mn mtoe in January through September, while consumption increased 2.3% to 8.862mn mtoe and imports climbed 3.7% to 6.367mn mtoe. A similar trend was also seen with coal, with output dropping 5.2% to 2.805mn mtoe, demand falling 2.1% to 3.317mn mtoe and imports increasing to 19.3% to 512,100 mtoe.