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    Project Spotlight: Delfin LNG: An Innovative Approach to FLNG [LNG Condensed]


As a floating LNG project, Delfin LNG is not just a unique concept for the US. Delfin is adopting a technology designed for remote but large gas fields for which it is not practically or economically possible to connect by pipeline to a liquefaction facility. Delfin intends to turn that proposition on its head by bringing onshore gas by pipeline to an offshore FLNG facility.

[LNG Condensed Volume 1, April 2019]

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Project Spotlight: Delfin LNG: An Innovative Approach to FLNG [LNG Condensed]

Delfin believes that 13mn metric tons/ year of LNG capacity can be built for $7-$8bn, which if realised, would bring the project in at the low end of LNG plant project costs. According to the Oxford Institute for  Energy Studies, LNG plant costs fell from highs  of $2,000/mt/yr of production capacity in 2010- 2014 to between $600-$1,400/mt/yr in 2014-2018, in part the result of industry innovation, but also reflecting the general fall in capital costs for oil and gas projects in this period.


First, upstream costs are low because gas will be sourced from the US pipeline system. The gas will be brought about 50 miles out into the  Gulf of Mexico off the Louisiana shoreline by the existing Enbridge Offshore Pipelines System (UTOS). UTOS was built in 1978 to take oil and gas onshore, but was abandoned in 2011. Delfin LNG bought UTOS from Enbridge in 2014.

Onshore the pipe had connections to interstate pipeline systems such as Transcontinental Pipeline, Natural Gas Pipeline Company of America and ANR Pipeline Company. Delfi n will need to reinstate these connections, build a compressor station at UTOS’s landing point and carry out other work to reverse the direction of flow. (continues)

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