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    Polish region commits to ending coal-fired power generation


Coal could be eliminated as early as 2030, parties to the initiative said.

by: Daniel Graeber

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Polish region commits to ending coal-fired power generation

Regional and local authorities in a central Polish region said June 24 they were the first in the country to sign an initiative targetting the end of coal in the energy and heating sectors by 2030.

Authorities from the Eastern Wielkopolska region signed on to the Power Past Coal Alliance (PPCA), a Canadian- and UK-led initiative that aims to facilitate a move away from coal. Central Poland is a major lignite mining region, hosting two coal-fired power stations that combine for more than 1 GW of power.

“As a member of the alliance, the region will be able to share its experience in implementing an ambitious energy transition plan with others across the world,” authorities said.

Through the initiative, the region aims to eliminate coal from the energy and heating sectors by 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2040.

“A rapid exit from coal will be a real revolution for our region, but also an opportunity to improve people’s quality of life,” said Maciej Sytek, a representative of a regional board for restructuring.Through our membership in the Powering Past Coal Alliance, we will share experience and work together with national and local governments and companies from around the world to make the best use of the subregion's development potential brought about by the energy transition."

Lignite is falling out of favour in the European market. Czech energy firm EPH said in April it will close two power plants in Germany as part of the country's coal and lignite phase-out plans. EPH said the closure will reduce CO2 emissions by about 2.5mn mt/yr, on the basis of average production in years 2017-2019.

Initiated by the Canadian and UK governments in 2017, the PPCA is the first global initiative aimed at eliminating coal-fired power generation.

“PPCA members are ready to strengthen cooperation with the Polish government to accelerate the energy transition in the country,” Leslie Scanlon, the Canadian envoy to Poland, said.