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    Polish Producer Finds More Gas in South


PGNiG has reported commercial gas flows from two boreholes in southeast Poland near the Carpathian mountains.

by: William Powell

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Polish Producer Finds More Gas in South

Poland's vertically-integrated gas company PGNiG has reported commercial gas flows from two boreholes in the Debica and Ropczyce-Sedziszow districts near the Carpathians, it said January 17. 

It is sole owner of both licences and now plans to step up its exploratory work in this region of southeast Poland, close to its border with western Ukraine and eastern Slovakia.  After connecting to the production infrastructure, it estimates gas flows from the Sedziszow-38K borehole will amount to 68,000 m³/d, with another 22,000 m³/d from the Korzeniowek-1K borehole – or 90mn m3/d (about 33mn m³/yr) in all.

CEO Piotr Wozniak attributed the success to its "recently developed exploration method which enables quite precise mapping of boreholes. We’re hoping that the new boreholes will enable increased gas production in the south of Poland.

A final investment decision however will depend on analysis of the geological data obtained. The boreholes are located in the area of existing gas producing fields, which will significantly lower management costs.

One of the components of intensified gas exploration in Podkarpackie is the performance of the biggest 3D seismic visualisation in Europe to date. It will comprise an area of almost 350 km² and will include unconventional Miocene formations. The visualisation is being done in-house and will be completed in June this year.