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    Polish PGNiG eyes CCGT plant purchase


It is considering buying out its 50% partner's share in the plant and negotiations on the terms are under way.

by: William Powell

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Polish PGNiG eyes CCGT plant purchase

Polish state oil and gas company PGNiG is mulling the purchase of Tauron's 50% stake in the Stalowa Wola combined heat and power gas turbine plant (ECSW) to become the sole owner, the companies said August 3. Their letter of intent comes almost a year after the launch of a 450-MW gas unit which also supplies district heating.

“ECSW is a modern gas unit that meets very restrictive environmental standards, the operation of which over the next several dozen years is important for the stabilisation of Poland's energy security," Tauron said. The sale will allow it to improve its operational management and the optimisation of gas fuel use within Tauron.

PGNiG said plants such as Stalowa Wola were "the answer to challenges related to the low-emission transition of the Polish economy, in which PGNiG wants to be an important player, contributing to the construction of a strong Polish multi-energy company."

The deal's conclusion will depend on the results of negotiations and the fulfillment of other conditions specified in legal regulations or corporate documents, they said.

The Stalowa Wola plant emits 360 kg CO2/MWh, which is in line with the requirements of the European Union's Best Available Tecnique conclusions for combined-cyle plants. The unit also emits very little nitrogen oxide and practically no sulphur oxides.