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    Polish Gas Imports from West Rise


LNG imports are rising

by: William Powell

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Polish Gas Imports from West Rise

Polish state monopoly PGNiG last year sourced just over a quarter of its gas imports as LNG as it received 35 cargoes, it said February 4. It took delivery of over 3.76bn m³ after regasification, which is an increase of nearly 10% on 2019. New suppliers included Trinidad & Tobago and Nigeria.

Russian pipeline gas accounted for about 60% of the total 14.79bn m³ imports and PGNiG has a take-or-pay contract with Gazprom that still has a little longer to run: "The possibilities of further reducing supplies from the eastern direction are limited. We are bound by the ‘take or pay’ formula included in the Yamal contract binding PGNiG until the end of 2022,” PGNiG said.

PGNiG said it has for some years been limiting the import of natural gas from Russia: in 2015 it accounted for almost 90% of gas imported to Poland.

After 2022,with the Baltic Pipe, more Norwegian gas will appear in the PGNiG import structure. In the coming years, the imports of LNG will also increase significantly with the expansion of the LNG terminal and LNG from the US.

After the start of deliveries under all US LNG long-term contracts, PGNiG will have about 9.3bn m³/yr from there, on top of deliveries from Qatar.