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    Polish Gas Co Develops Hydrogen Plan


A new R&D project, Eliza, will look at gas/hydrogen storage.

by: William Powell

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Polish Gas Co Develops Hydrogen Plan

Polish Oil and Gas Company (PGNiG) has launched a research and development project called Eliza to generate hydrogen through electrolysis, relying on renewable energy sources, and then inject it into gas storage facilities. This has been identified as one of the business areas holding the greatest growth potential for the company, it said November 26.

"Gas storage facilities can be prepared for storing hydrogen. The purpose of Eliza is to answer the question of how to mix natural gas with hydrogen in the most effective manner, so that neither loses its quality while being injected and then stored in such storage facilities," it said.

PGNiG intends to become a leader in the development of hydrogen technologies in Poland, said the company's vice president Łukasz Kroplewski: "Taking a long-term perspective, hydrogen is the future of the global energy sector. The only by-product of hydrogen combustion is steam, which makes it a truly green fuel. Burning a mixture of natural gas and hydrogen produces less emissions of carbon dioxide. Therefore, such fuel is more environmentally friendly and emission charges are lower."