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    Poland's Biggest Importer Cuts Russian Gas


And LNG imports rose as the state-owned company extended its reach.

by: William Powell

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Poland's Biggest Importer Cuts Russian Gas

Poland's dominant gas supplier PGNiG cut its share of Russian gas imports to about two thirds of its total imports in 2018, the state-run company said January 9. And LNG imports accounted for over a fifth of total gas imports, it said. In 2018, PGNiG imported about 9.04bn m3 from Russia, which was over 0.62bn m³ less than it had in 2017 (down 6.4%).  

LNG imports from Qatar, Norway and the US rose by nearly 1bn m³ (+58.2%) compared with 2017 and exceeded 2.71bn m³ after regasification. It was not clear whether this includes the three spot cargoes that PGNiG said it bought last year, most recently including one from Centrica.

In 2018, PGNiG signed three long-term LNG supply contracts with US-based companies Venture Global and Cheniere, according to which they are to deliver a total volume of just under 70mn mt. Deliveries from Cheniere are due to start this year, while LNG from Venture Global will be available from 2022 and 2023, once the company’s two liquefaction terminals in the Gulf of Mexico come on-stream.

Throughout 2018, PGNiG imported about 13.53bn m³ while domestic forecast production was 3.8bn m³.