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    Paldiski LNG on schedule: press


A challenging engineering project on Paldiski's cliff edge has progressed ahead of schedule.

by: Callum Cyrus

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Paldiski LNG on schedule: press

Alexela's Paldiski LNG project in Estonia is progressing to schedule and should be completed by November, in time for the bulk of the winter demand season, ERR reported July 21.

The lead contractor Elering says it is ahead of schedule on a 60-metre long gas pipeline installation from the cliff edge at the Paldiski town. The cliff edge needs to be drilled to host an entry point for the pipeline, connecting the offshore LNG terminal to the port's quay. Elering now expects the drilling work to take less than a week. The infrastructure is also expected to limit environmental risks associated with the LNG project.


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Priit Heinla, offshore grid development manager at Elering, said: "A drill with a diameter of almost a meter will be put through the rock here and then steel casing will be put in place. A gas pipe, through which the gas will eventually flow, will then be installed inside the steel casing."

Including the cliff edge, the pipeline will run for around 1.2 km, linking a gas compressor station with a haulage tunnel on the Estonian distribution grid. Alexela has divided the pipeline into four phases, with the initial phase focused on connecting a gas compressor station to the sea. Next, an offshore pipeline from the shore to the haulage canal will be placed into the sea. Lastly, a connection will be established between the floating terminal infrastructure to the quay.

The LNG terminal's physical receiving infrastructure will actually be situated in Pakrineeme, further across the Baltic Sea peninula of Pakri which hosts Paldiski's port complex. Alexela says construction here is also going to plan. Marti Haal, chairman of Alexela's board of directors, told ERR: "Today you can say that the most significant technological innovations and approaches in the construction process, which had not previously been used in this region, for example, in relation to concrete work, have proven themselves effective, and all other (potential) risks seem to have been mitigated.

"For our part, we are sure today that we can carry out our own construction work and the quay, where the floating terminal could be installed, will be ready."