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    Oz Upstream Welcomes New Minister


Appea has welcomed the country's new energy minister, charged with devising an energy policy that will lower consumer prices but not discourage investors.

by: William Powell

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Oz Upstream Welcomes New Minister

The Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association (Appea) congratulated Australia’s new energy minister Angus Taylor and welcomed the reappointment of Matt Canavan as minister for resources and Northern Australia in an August 27 statement.

Taylor, who was until then the minister for law enforcement and cyber security, tweeted August 26: "It’s a great honour to be asked to join Scott Morrison’s cabinet as minister for energy; or as he described it ‘the minister for reducing electricity prices’. A tough job, but an extremely important one that has a big impact on so many Australian households and businesses."

Appea said it looked forward to working with Taylor. "He has been given a huge policy challenge,” CEO Malcolm Roberts said. “Mr Taylor’s extensive commercial understanding will be critical in finding solutions to the competing arms of containing prices, maintaining reliable supply and attracting new investment to the energy sector. Australia’s oil and gas industry welcomes the opportunity to work with the minister.

“Senator Canavan is well-known and respected as a strong advocate for developing Australia’s resources. As a senator representing regional Queensland, the minister knows first-hand the vital contribution the resources sector makes to regional communities.” Northern Australia has a wealth of shale gas that is yet to be tapped following the lifting of bans or moratoria.

Roberts also thanked the former energy minister Josh Frydenberg, who has been promoted to Treasury. Morrison became a front-bench MP in the Tony Abbott government in 2oo9 but he did not become Liberal Party leader until August 24 following another party member's unsuccessful leadership challenge to Malcolm Turnbull.