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    Oz Evol LNG to Expand Kwinana Facility


The Kwinana LNG plant was constructed in 2008 with a nameplate capacity of 175 metric tons/day.

by: Shardul Sharma

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Oz Evol LNG to Expand Kwinana Facility

Australian LNG supplier for transport, power generation and industrial applications, Evol LNG, November 6 said its Kwinana LNG production facility will undergo expansion with a 40% increase in production capacity by April 2020.

“The move is driven by growing demand from the mining sector to replace the use of diesel for power generation with a cleaner and more cost-effective natural gas solution,” the company said. The Kwinana LNG plant, constructed in 2008 with a nameplate capacity of 175 metric tons/day, will increase its capacity to 250 mt/d from April 2020, with plans for further potential expansion to approximately 300 mt/d in 2021.

“Our expertise in small-scale LNG and proven capability to deliver lower cost and cleaner LNG is enabling off-grid mines to move away from diesel.

“We are in advanced negotiations with several parties, and our confidence in future growth prospects has enabled us to commit to the first stage expansion, with front end engineering design underway for the second stage expansion.

“We are fortunate that the Kwinana plant can be expanded with relatively minor investment in a manageable, staged process as demand grows,” Nick Rea, Evol’s manager for LNG and wholesale, said.