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    UK Institute Launches China Programme


Oxford Institute of Energy Studies is opening a new research centre dedicated to one of the world's biggest energy importers.

by: William Powell

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UK Institute Launches China Programme

Oxford Institute of Energy Studies has launched a China Energy Programme, it said July 11. As the world’s second largest economy, the biggest CO2 emitter and the biggest crude and fastest-growing LNG importer, it is also developing technology to speed up its energy transition, with major implications for its sellers.

But the country's command economy, alongside the dominance of state-owned companies still inform policy design and implementation and are key to understanding the evolution of China's energy mix and markets, the OIES said.

The China Energy Programme at OIES will delve into these developments and offer insights into the factors that inform China's energy policies and choices.

Research is carried out by the programme staff in close co-ordination with the other OIES programmes and in collaboration with leading researchers and institutes in China and the West. Research will be disseminated via a dedicated research paper series, energy comments, sponsors' visits, and specialised events.