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    Optimistic: aspiring to lead the way in global rotary equipment manufacturing


Portugal-based Optimistic produces various types of rotary equipment that is used in the natural gas industry. The company discusses with NGW how it distinguishes itself from competitors, helps the industry reduce its emissions and works to build up good relations with its customers.

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Optimistic: aspiring to lead the way in global rotary equipment manufacturing

How is Optimistic’s equipment distinct from that of competing manufacturers, especially with regards to its deployment in the natural gas industry?

Optimistic is a manufacturing company that has the capacity to produce different categories, including centrifugal and positive-displacement types of compressors, and is also suitable for the air and natural gas industry. This company’s equipment is safe, simple, and characterised by a reduced environmental impact. Besides, it works with high operational safety to simplified processes and low inflammability.


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Optimistic is distinguished due to technical simplification of its products, and easy to maintain system, with consequent minimisation of operational and maintenance costs.

For those reasons, our equipment can meet all the needs of its customers in the natural gas industry. 

How does Optimistic contribute towards reduced emissions in the natural gas industry?

We are dedicated to world decarbonisation, reducing emissions, and cooperating with partners, suppliers, and customers towards a greener future. 

To address this concern, we use clean and flexible energy sources with very few adverse environmental impacts, as with the example of hydrogen. 

We also produce trusted hydrogen compressors and auxiliary parts related to this environment-friendly gas, used in many technological manufacturing plants and industries, thus feeding and being on the environmental frontline.

How does Optimistic work to build good relationships with customers?

Optimistic is a Portuguese company with a large experience in manufacturing different high-technology rotary equipment and ability to produce customised compressors, fans and blowers. 

We have a huge know-how in engineering and industry turbomachinery, and we use modern equipment, smart and state of art production methods, with competitive prices and shorter delivery times than direct competition. Our company also has compliance to accurate international standards, both in products and services. 

Regarding the services, we’re one of the few companies in the world who provides specialized ones to different industries, including repair and maintenance, monitoring, and even revamping and overhaul. 

It is relevant to add that all Optimistic products are tested according to international standards in our factory and customers can witness the tests.

That’s the reason why our tagline and slogan is, respectively “Hi-tech Rotary Equipment: Move to Success”, because we’re always contributing to their customers' success.

What are Optimistic’s aspirations?

Our goal is to be one of the biggest manufacturers of rotary equipment in the world, with high-quality, flexibility and tailor-made solutions. 

Recently we’ve invested in a factory in a small village at the center of Portugal and we want to increase our production capacity, contributing to regional and national economy, but also expand to new international markets. 

Therefore, Optimistic is increasingly more efficient in its use of resources and resilient to the challenges of the future.