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    Norwegian certifier DNV approves VLCC


Approval in principle follows a check of the Korean shipyard's plan for a vessel conversion from LNG.

by: William Powell

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Norwegian certifier DNV approves VLCC

Norwegian certification company DNV has approved in principle Samsung Heavy Industries' (SHI) design for a very large crude carrier (VLCC) that can run on diesel or ammonia, it said August 20.

SHI has designed VLCCs that run on diesel or LNG, and the new version is a modification of that design, DNV said. Vessels are not yet using ammonia routinely as a zero-carbon fuel. However, it is gaining traction as a possible fuel of the future as it can be manufactured by bonding nitrogen with green hydrogen.

The award in principle (AiP) confirms the general feasibility of the design on the basis of the shipyard's drawings. The newly released 'gas-fuelled ammonia' notation has also been applied in the process.

SHI said it was making an effort for commercialisation of alternative fuel solutions for global shipowners considering newbuilds or converting ammonia-fuelled ships in the future. 

DNV said it was "very happy to work with SHI in this innovative fuel-ready VLCC concept" having been a pioneer in the research and development of viable future marine fuels, including ammonia.

At the time of newbuild, the vessel will still be subject to a full review of documentation requirements pertaining to the applied rules.

In addition to 'fuel ready', DNV also offers a dedicated 'gas-fuelled ammonia' class notation, aimed at shipowners looking to build ammonia fuelled vessels now. The new notations were launched on July 1 and will enter into force January 1, 2022.