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    Norway's Hoglund Picked for German Vessel LNG Systems


The LNG-powered vessels will be involved in firefighting and emergency towing, meaning they will have to comply with stricter safety standards.

by: Joe Murphy

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Norway's Hoglund Picked for German Vessel LNG Systems

Norway's Hoglund has secured a contract to supply fuel gas supply systems for three German government-owned multipurpose vessels that will run on LNG, the company said on February 8.

The contract was signed with the Abeking & Rasmussen (A&R) shipyard that is building the vessels for Germany's Federal Waterways and Shipping Administration (WSV). The Federal Waterways Engineering and Research Institute (BAW) is overseeing design and construction.

The 90-m plus vessels will be equipped with engines generating 12,000 kW of power and with 145 metric tons of bollard pull. Their top speed will exceed 15 knots. Exclusively running on LNG, they will be deployed along the German coastline to carry out work on sea marks and using hydroacoustic equipment, as well as in pollution control, emergency towing and firefighting.

Hoglund will work with Oldenburg-based HB Hunte Engineering on developing and supplying the fuel systems, designed to work in hazardous environments . When in these conditions, the vessels will switch to a "citadel mode", where external air exchange and ventilation is temporarily suspended, potentially for up to several hours.  The ships comply with Lloyds Register's class requirements for gas and low flashpoint fuels.

"LNG can be a challenge on any vessel and is made harder when considering the specification for an LNG fuelled vessel that will undertake high-risk operations such as firefighting and emergency towing in heavy seas," Hoglund's vice president for sales operations, Peter Morsbach, commented. "I’m proud to say that we at Hoglund together with HB Hunte, are working with A&R, WSV and BAW to combine our expertise in a collaboration that will deliver a safe, versatile and highly customised LNG solution to help the WSV fulfil its vital public service role."

(banner image courtesy of Hoglund)