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    Northern Dutch Industry Lobbies for Hydrogen


The move to hydrogen would benefit the Dutch gas transporter Gasunie.

by: William Powell

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Northern Dutch Industry Lobbies for Hydrogen

Dutch pipeline operator Gasunie is hoping to benefit from the country’s shift to hydrogen, as northern Netherlands businesses and government bodies present their investment plan to Dutch MPs October 30. 

The companies are ready to jointly develop more than 50 projects spanning the entire hydrogen supply chain but before they can be developed further, in 2021 the Dutch government will need to approve additional capacity for offshore wind energy and provide a regulatory framework and financial support, Gasunie says. 

Like other gas transmission system operators, Gasunie is concerned that its revenues will only shrink with the decarbonising of energy, as this generally means growing electrification and renewable energy. 

“Especially now, when the economy could use a boost and with the sharper focus on the climate goals, hydrogen offers the Netherlands an opportunity to make the transition from natural gas to sustainable energy,” Gasunie said. 

The plan includes investments totalling up to €9 ($10.3)bn and could secure some 66,000 existing jobs in gas infrastructure and mobility with more to come over the coming decades. 

Companies such as French Engie, Norwegian Equinor, German RWE, Anglo-Dutch Shell and Swedish state Vattenfall have already committed themselves to various hydrogen projects, and this trend is gaining momentum. Regional and local authorities have increased their commitment to making the hydrogen supply chain in the northern Dutch provinces a reality.

“The investments in green hydrogen in the north of the country and the experience gained – with this ‘Hydrogen Valley’ serving as a testing ground – are the prelude to a national roll-out specific to the other regions, and will ensure that the Netherlands plays a pivotal role in Europe,” Gasunie says.