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    North American rig count declines by two


Most of the slump in activity was reported in natural gas.

by: Daniel Graeber

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North American rig count declines by two

Baker Hughes reported a North American rig count of 491 for the week ending April 30, two less than the previous week, with most of the decline coming from natural gas.

The US rig count was 440, a decline of two from the previous week’s report. Oil rig activity declined by one, while gas rigs moved up by two from the week ending April 30. "Miscellaneous" rigs improved by one.

Most of the land-based exploration and production activity in the US is in the Permian basin. Oil rigs totalled 222 for the week ending April 30, a decline of three from the previous week. There was one rig working in natural gas in the Permian, unchanged over the last two weeks.

For natural gas, the Haynesville play saw the most rigs in service at 44, more or less stable since December.

The total Canadian rig count declined four from the previous week to 51. Oil rigs increased by three to 20, while natural gas activity declined by seven to 31.

Most of the upstream activity in Canada is centered in Alberta, though the rig count there declined five from the previous week to reach 35 for the week ending April 30.

Baker Hughes does not break down oil and gas work by the provincial level for Canada. For the reporting period, 60.8% of the upstream work in Canada was focused on natural gas.

There were 13 rigs in service in the US waters of the Gulf of Mexico, unchanged from the previous period. All of those were working in oil.

One rig is in service in the Atlantic waters off the Canadian coast of Newfoundland.