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    Nord Stream 2 ready for testing: press


Testing for the Russian gas pipeline is in preparation for deliveries to end points in Germany.

by: Daniel Graeber

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Nord Stream 2 ready for testing: press

The regional governor of Russia's Leningrad oblast said June 2 the Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline would start work in test mode next week.

The governor, Alexander Drozdenko, was quoted by Russian news agency Tass as saying testing would begin in preparation for the delivery of gas to terminal points in Germany. The announcement came after discussions with Matthias Warnig, the CEO of the company behind the pipeline, and Gerhard Schroeder, the chairman of the board.

“We were just discussing that the project has entered the home stretch,” he said.

Washington strongly opposes the project, issuing a steady barrage of sanctions meant to thwart its development on the grounds it undermines European energy security because it ensures Russian dominance in the regional gas market.

US president Joe Biden said May 25, however, that moving forward with additional sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline would undermine diplomatic ties with Europe.

“I have been opposed to Nord Stream 2 from the beginning, but it only has – it’s almost completed by the time I took office,” he said. “And to go ahead and impose sanctions now, I think, would be counterproductive now in terms of our European relations.”

Nord Stream 2 is the second leg of a dual natural gas pipeline system that runs through the Baltic Sea to the German coast. Its construction is around 95% complete.