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    Nigeria to Decentralise Power Supply: Buhari


With the presidential elections only a few weeks away, the incumbent is trying to reassure businesses that he has the power cuts under control.

by: Omono Okonkwo

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Nigeria to Decentralise Power Supply: Buhari

Nigeria's president Muhammadu Buhari inaugurated the Aba independent power plant in Abia State, southeast Nigeria, January 29, during his presidential campaign rally. The plant is already providing high-quality service to a limited number of large industrial and commercial clients, in the International Market, Ariaria, comprising 40,000 shops and business spaces.

The Aba IPP is the first independent and integrated power utility in Nigeria, which comprises a 141-MW gas-fired power plant, a 27-km gas pipeline and a distribution utility, operated by Geometric Power.

Electricity demand in Nigeria far outweighs the supply, and one way to avoid the national grid black-outs is decentralising power supply.

The Buhari administration has passed mini-grade power supply policies since taking over office in 2015. The Aba IPP project is the first of many such projects, according to Buhari. Nigeria's presidential elections will take place on February 16.

In December 2018, Shell Petroleum Development Company concluded a gas supply agreement with Geometric Power, Geometric Power Aba (GPAL); and Gas Aggregation Company of Nigeria, to provide gas to the facility, from its Imo River plant. It uses an existing pipeline.

GPAL owns and operates the new power generation station. Aba Power Limited Electric manages the power distribution system.