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    Neptune Joins Hydrogen Alliance


Upstream companies in Europe have to make their activities as low-carbon as possible.

by: William Powell

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Neptune Joins Hydrogen Alliance

UK-listed Neptune Energy has joined the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance, it said July 14. The alliance was launched earlier in July, with the aim of bringing together industry, public authorities and civil society in support of the European Union's plan to become a carbon-neutral region by 2050. This includes a hydrogen strategy.

Neptune's PosHYdon project will use offshore-generated electricity to power a hydrogen plant on the Neptune-operated Q13a platform, converting seawater into demineralised water, then into hydrogen via electrolysis.

Country head Lex de Groot said: “There is a growing consensus internationally that hydrogen will be required at scale in order for countries to meet the ambitious targets set out by the Paris Agreement. Hydrogen offers a solution to lower emissions in many hard-to-abate sectors, such as steel and heavy-duty transport. It can provide long-term energy storage at scale, support improvements in air quality and strengthen energy security."

Poseidon was the Greek god of the sea, equivalent to the Roman's Neptune.