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    Neptune, Eserv to Digitise UK Cygnus Platform


The UK offshore industry has set itself an ambitious decarbonisation goal.

by: William Powell

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Neptune, Eserv to Digitise UK Cygnus Platform

Privately-backed Neptune Energy is partnering with 3D technology firm Eserv to digitise operations at its Cygnus platform in the UK southern North Sea, it said August 18.

The new technology will lower the carbon emissions per barrel of oil equivalent of production, which the UK offshore industry is aiming to lower to net zero this decade.

Neptune can use the AI to detect asset integrity issues early and plan fabric maintenance work. Planned maintenance operations tend to be cheaper and shorter as well as less disruptive to a business than unplanned. There will also be less need for engineers to visit the platform in person.

The partnership with Eserv is part of the first phase of Neptune Energy's strategy to "digitise" its assets and processes and enables remote subject matter expert advice for offshore personnel, and virtual visual inspections and site surveys," it said..

Neptune said digital technologies are particularly valuable now that there are restrictions on travel and the need for social distancing. 

The digital mapping of the Cygnus gas production platform, which can produce about 6% of UK domestic gas demand, is one element of the partnership with Aberdeen-based Eserv. As part of an ongoing digital transition, onshore teams can take a virtual walkthrough of the entire platform, plan work and monitor changes in the physical structure, identifying potential issues early and accurately.

The AI element of the technology is being "trained" to identify thousands of individual components, valves and other plant equipment, and is "learning" how to spot potential integrity issues including corrosion.

Eserv said that remote and digital data solutions have come into their own this year due to travel and logistical restrictions, but said it "has been advancing advocates of using 3D data to revolutionise the offshore maintenance and asset integrity space for a number of years now."

Neptune is operator with 38.75% and Spirit Energy the majority stake.