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    Naftogaz Ukrainy Publishes March Gas Prices



Naftogaz Ukrainy publishes gas prices for industrials, households

by: William Powell

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Naftogaz Ukrainy Publishes March Gas Prices

State-owned Naftogaz Ukrainy has published new prices for industrial users and other sectors of the economy, with effect from March 1. The prices vary according to the amount purchased, payment terms and the state of previous accounts, it said February 22.

Final prices for the different types of consumer range from hryvnia 7,342’’000 m³ ($260.4/'000 m³) to hryvnia 8,385/’000 m³, inclusive of transport through the high and low pressure network and value-added tax. Full details of prices are available on the company’s website.

On October 1, the state regulation of prices was scrapped, except for households and companies who use gas for the general public such as district heating companies. Since then, Naftogaz has supplied gas to industrial and other businesses on market terms.

At the same time Naftogaz is the sole supplier of gas to the general public and those companies who need gas for heating houses. Now the price of gas for these categories, including transport and tax, is hryvnia 2,994/’000 m³ for district heating, hryvnia 3,600/'000 m³ for households eligible for the discounted rate and hryvnia 7,188/'000 m³ for standard households.


William Powell