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    Naftogaz Sinks Superdeep Gas Well


This is the third such well it has drilled at the Komyshnianske field this year.

by: Joe Murphy

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Naftogaz Sinks Superdeep Gas Well

Ukraine's Naftogaz has drilled a superdeep production well at the Komyshnianske gas field in the eastern Poltava region, achieving a gas flow of 170,000 m3/day at a depth of 6,040 m, its production arm UkrGasVydobuvannya (UGV) reported on October 13.

This is the third deep well Naftogaz has sunk at Komyshnianske this year. The field, discovered in 1984 and brought on stream in 1995, contains some 8bn m3 of gas and currently flows 11mn m3/day from 11 wells. But it is geologically complex and its reservoirs are unusually deep.

"Ukraine has a significant hydrocarbon production potential at depths over 5,000 m. Therefore, we consider deep horizons as one of the strategic directions for surveying new deposits and building up gas reserves," Naftogaz's director for exploration and production, Oleksandr Romanyuk, said. "Nevertheless, deep well drilling is associated with increased risks: geological, technical and economic. The new well repeatedly proves that the Naftogaz team has essential experience and expertise to achieve the goal. However, the company needs government incentives and investments."

Naftogaz recently called on the government to do more to spur development of more challenging gas resources, as well as provide access to the Black Sea shelf for drilling.

The latest well was drilled in 41 days by in-house drilling contractor Ukrburgas, using a rig bought from China's Honghua in 2018. Naftogaz has already started work on another well at Komyshnianske, and plans to drill two more in the next six months. Schlumberger is processing and interpreting a 3D seismic survey it carried out at the site in 2018.