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    Naftogaz Selected as Supplier of Last Resort


Two other companies had sought the role.

by: Joseph Murphy

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Naftogaz Selected as Supplier of Last Resort

Ukraine's Naftogaz has been appointed as a supplier of last resort for the country's gas market after winning a tender, the Ukrainian energy ministry said on July 10.

The decision was taken by the ministry's tender commission, after Naftogaz placed an offer of hryvnias 2,712 ($101)/'000 m³ for last resort supplies. Two other companies applied to take part in the contest but one was not admitted, the ministry said.

Naftogaz confirmed on July 9 it was applying for the role of supplier of last resort, which supplies consumers that are unable to get supplies from elsewhere, typically after defaulting on their bills. It said its experience as a direct supplier of gas to consumers qualified it for the position.