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    Moldova, Romania Inaugurate Iasi-Ungheni Pipeline



Moldova and Romania inaugurated the Iasi-Ungheni gas pipeline in the Zagarancea village, western Ungheni district

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Moldova, Romania Inaugurate Iasi-Ungheni Pipeline

Moldova and Romania inaugurated the Iasi-Ungheni gas pipeline in the Zagarancea village, western Ungheni district, confirming that Romanian gas will reach Moldova starting from 1 September. In this way, Chișinău has broken Gazprom’s monopoly, also moving closer to the European energy market. 

“Starting from 1 September, Romanian gas will cross the Prut river, in the first quantity, thus, providing a source of alternative. In a year and a half, up to two years, we will have a perfect system and will be able to buy gas from East or West- where there will be better conditions. Today, in Romania, the energy is cheaper by about 40 per cent. I am confident that in two years, we will have an electricity interconnection. These projects are in the interest of Moldova and consumers. The today’s event is fitted into our goal of European integration,” Moldova’s Prime Minister Iurie Leanca said during the ceremony. 

European Commissioner for Energy Guenther Oettinger participated to the inauguration of the pipeline. The project, for a total cost of 26 million euros, has been supported by the EU with a 7 million grant.  

“Moldova’s integration into our energy infrastructure is very important, namely, ensuring the connection in terms of energy between Moldova and Romania. We will continue with other steps, we will extend in electric energy and gas sectors. We will ensure modernizing the networks to ensure the highest level of independence in energy,” Oettinger commented on Wednesday, referring to the next stage of the project which comprises the construction of Ungheni-Chisinau pipeline in Moldova and Onesti-Letcani gas pipeline with the gas compression station in Romania.

In June, European leaders signed Association Agreements with Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia.

“I think that by this opening today, we convey a message to everyone, I would like us to be friends with everyone, but the message is very clear: Moldova and Romania, to be truly independent, they need energy, as we need all the other resources; together, we can be truly independent and, together, we can be respected - for this, and this is the message that we convey to  Europe and to everybody today,” Romania’s Prime Minister Victor Ponta commented in a separate note.