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    Moldova looks to Ukraine to help cover power supply


There are concerns that supplies from a power station in breakaway Transnistria could be disrupted because of a cut in Russian gas deliveries.

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Moldova looks to Ukraine to help cover power supply

Moldova is discussing with Ukraine the possibility of purchasing enough power to cover all its needs, in the event of a disruption in electricity supplies from a power plant in the breakaway region of Transnistria.

Moldova typically depends on the 2.5-GW Kuchurgan coal and gas-fired power plant in Transnistria for 70-80% of its power supply, but there are concerns deliveries could be disrupted because of the risk of a cut in Russian gas deliveries used as feedstock at the facility.

Moldovan deputy prime minister Andrei Spinu told a government briefing on August 2 that the government in Chisinau was negotiating with Kyiv on obtaining 100% of power supply from Ukraine if necessary. Moldovan authorities are seeking a long-term stable contract for electricity from the Kuchurgan station, he said, as currently supplies are negotiated on a monthly basis. 

Moldova is contending with a 47% hike in the price it pays for Russian gas this month, and the government is preparing contingency plans in the event that Gazprom cuts off supply, which it has threatened to do if Moldova fails to pay off an historic debt for deliveries.