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    McDermott supports Tyra gas field redevelopment


The closure of the Tyra field in 2019 prompted the government of Denmark to lower its gas production estimates.

by: Daniel Graeber

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McDermott supports Tyra gas field redevelopment

US-based oilfield services company McDermott announced November 1 it had delivered two components to help with the redevelopment of the Tyra natural gas field off Denmark.

“The work package for the Tyra redevelopment is executed from McDermott's fabrication yard in Batam, Indonesia, and includes the Tyra East G (TEG) natural gas processing topside, two 328-foot bridges (100 meters) and a 449-foot flare (137 meters),” the company explained. “With the close-out of onshore commissioning on the two bridges and flare complete, the team is fully focused on construction close-out on the TEG module in preparation for the onshore commissioning and sail away next year.”

The Danish government in September slashed its forecasts for oil and gas production over the coming years to take into account delays at the Tyra project.

The Tyra field was Denmark's largest gas producer but was shut down in September 2019 so that a redevelopment programme could take place. The North Sea field's platforms had been sinking over the years, requiring the TotalEnergies-led operating consortium to install new, elevated topsides on the existing jackets.

The government said it expects output to come to 0.76bn m3 for 2021, versus a forecast it made last year of 1bn m3. Production will slide further to 0.67bn m3 in 2022, rather than increasing to 2bn m3 as expected. Output by 2023 could recover to 1.44bn m3 and 2.85bn m3 in 2024, compared with 3.3bn m3 and 3.0bn m3, respectively, under the previous forecast. Supply is expected to total 2.65bn m3 by 2025.

“The first sail away of new facilities from our Batam yard was an important step towards rebuilding the Tyra field to support TotalEnergies' vision and pursuit of sustainable operations,” said Morten Hesselager Pedersen, the French major’s head of Tyra redevelopment.