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    Maersk tapped for work at Danish CCS site


The company is working on Project Greensand, billed as the “most mature” project of its kind in Denmark.

by: Daniel Graeber

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Maersk tapped for work at Danish CCS site

Maersk Drilling said October 13 it was selected as the contractor of choice for the Nini carbon storage project planned off the coast of Denmark.

Maersk entered into a framework agreement with a joint venture formed by the Danish division of Ineos and Germany’s Wintershalll Dea to supply the drilling rigs for the second phase of the Project Greensand storage facility.

Maersk described the project as the “most mature carbon capture and storage project” in Danish territory, with a peak capacity of 8mn metric tons of CO2 storage/year from 2030.

Stored carbon will be transported offshore for injection into “discontinued” oil and gas basins in the Danish wasters of the North Sea.

Phase one involved the demonstration of project feasibility at the Nini West field offshore. Phase two involves a pilot project to test the first on-site injections, slated for the end of 2022. The goal, Maersk said, is to reach an annual injection capacity of around 1mn mt/yr of CO2 by 2025, pending a final investment decision and regulatory approval.

“We now have confirmation that the Danish North Sea is very well suited for permanent CO2 storage due to its geological structure and reservoir properties, and we believe that a highly interesting carbon management market is in the early stages of development with activities in many offshore regions,” said Marika Reis, the chief innovation officer at Maersk.

CCS has political support in Denmark, with parliament seeing it as part of the plan to meet emissions targets. Project Greensand alone could potentially deliver all the CO2 storage envisaged in the Danish Climate Programme.