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    LNG-fuelled vessels now almost 30% of ship orders


There was a surge in LNG-fuelled vessel orders over the past 18 months.

by: Joseph Murphy

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LNG-fuelled vessels now almost 30% of ship orders

Nearly 30% of the new ships ordered this year in gross tonnage terms will be designed to run on LNG, industry association SEA-LNG reported on September 7 citing a report by shipping services group Clarksons.

More than 90% of new pure car and truck carriers entering the market in the coming years will be LNG dual fuel, SEA-LNG said, adding that containership operators were also switching to the fuel. Orders for LNG-fuelled liners have increased fivefold since the start of last year, while orders for LNG-fuelled tankers and bulkers have increased sevenfold and twofold respectively.

"The deep-sea shipping industry understands that while LNG may not be the end game, it is the best starting point to get to net zero. It provides a very clear and achievable plan which starts today," SEA-LNG chairman Peter Keller commented. "We know the need is real and waiting is no longer an option."

Proponents of LNG use in shipping point to its lower greenhouse gas emissions versus oil-based fuels, as well as the potential for shipowners to switch from LNG to lower-carbon bio-LNG and synthetic LNG in the future at no extra cost.