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    LNG and the Methane Emissions Challenge [LNG Condensed]


The LNG industry needs to up its game on both CO2 and methane emissions, if it is to gain social acceptance that LNG is part of the climate change solution as opposed to part of the problem. Recent studies suggest methane emissions from oil and gas operations are under-reported and that full life-cycle analysis in some cases shows limited greenhouse gas benefits from LNG use. Oil and gas companies are beginning to adopt emissions reductions targets, but have barely scratched the surface of what is possible.

by: Ross McCracken

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LNG and the Methane Emissions Challenge [LNG Condensed]

Recent studies on LNG use in transport have questioned the contribution LNG can make to lowering greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). These studies highlighted, amongst other issues, emissions of unburned methane, which although relatively short-lived  in the atmosphere, are just over 30 times more potent as a GHG than carbon dioxide (CO2).

Last year a report, Assessment of methane emissions from the US oil and gas supply chain, published in the journal Science, concluded  that methane emissions from the US oil and natural gas supply chain were about 60% higher than those estimated by the US Environmental Protection Agency’s Greenhouse Gas Inventory. The large-scale study, which covered about  30% of US gas production, used ground-based measurements validated by aircraft observations.

The study argued that the difference in measurement arose from better observation of equipment operating in abnormal conditions, with emissions from liquid storage hatches and vents playing a particularly significant role. One of its key conclusions was that significant emissions reductions can be achieved by deploying improved emissions detection and repair systems that rapidly identify equipment operating abnormally.

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