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    Lithuanian LNG Terminal Allocates Capacity


Users tend to order capacity during the gas year rather than reserving it in advance because of low LNG prices, the terminal's operator says.

by: Joseph Murphy

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Lithuanian LNG Terminal Allocates Capacity

Lithuania's Klaipedos Nafta (KN) has allocated the capacity of its 3mn mt/yr Klaipeda LNG import terminal for the next gas year beginning on October 1, it said in a statement on June 4.

Two customers have booked 8.4 TWh (0.86bn m3) of capacity during the period, KN said. In contrast, a total of only 5 TWh of capacity was booked in last year's allocation procedure. The terminal's total regasification capacity is around 4bn m3/yr.

"We can see that that terminal users clearly have a tendency to order free capacities of the terminal during the gas year rather than reserve them during the annual capacity allocation procedure," KN's LNG project manager Arunas Molis said in a statement, attributing this practice to low prices.

Since the start of the current year last October, 49 LNG carriers have arrived at the terminal, resulting in 15.2 TWh of regasified volumes. This was enough to cover 87% of Lithuania's gas consumption, with the rest being met with piped supplies from Russia. Some 69% of the LNG came from Norway, 18% from the US and 12% from Russia.

A further 21 LNG carriers are expected to come to the terminal by the end of September.