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    PGNiG Starts Using Small-Scale LNG Capacity at Klaipeda


PGNiG won rights to the capacity following a competitive tender.

by: Joseph Murphy

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PGNiG Starts Using Small-Scale LNG Capacity at Klaipeda

Poland's PGNiG has become the sole user of a small-scale LNG reloading station at the Klaipeda LNG terminal in Lithuania, it said on April 1. Following a competitive tender, PGNiG signed a five-year contract with the facility's operator Klaipedos Nafta (KN) in November, which came into force on April 1.

PGNiG will now be able to access Baltic Sea small-scale LNG markets while helping it to deliver LNG supplies to customers in northeast Poland, it said.

LNG deliveries will be limited to much smaller vessels than conventional ocean-going tankers as the onshore reloading station only has room for 5,000 m³ (2.250 metric tons). It has two loading bays for LNG road tankers or ISO-containers that can be used simultaneously.

The maximum loading rate is 100 m³ (45 mt)/hr. The station also has a wharf adapted to receive and load LNG on to smaller vessels. Its transshipment rate is 1,250 m³/hr, while the bunkering speed of ships is 250-500 m³/hr.