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    Libya Restarts Key Gas Field


The field will supply 80mn ft3/day of gas to the Sarir power station, helping ease Libyan electricity shortages.

by: Joe Murphy

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Libya Restarts Key Gas Field

Libya's National Oil Corp (NOC) announced on January 28 it had restarted production at the Faregh gas field nearly a year after it was closed due to the shutdown of oil terminals in the civil war-torn country.

The North African state is restoring oil and gas fields following a deal last October between the UN-backed Government of National Accord in Tripoli and the Libyan National Army headed by Khalifa Haftar. Faregh's re-commissioning began at 13:30 on January 28.

The field is producing at a rate of 140mn ft3/day of gas. Some 80mn ft3/day will go to the Sarir power station, helping ease electricity shortages that plagued Libya last year.

NOC began commissioning Faregh's second phase in November 2019 but had to halt the process in January 2020 after the terminals and deteriorating security situation forced the contractor working on the field to leave.