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    Kinetiko reports "significant" gas flow from Korhaan-4 in SA


Kinetiko said it now has achieved gas flows to enter a pilot production phase at the Korhaan project in South Africa.

by: Shardul Sharma

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Kinetiko reports "significant" gas flow from Korhaan-4 in SA

Australia’s Kinetiko Energy has flowed gas from each of the three Korhaan project wells in South Africa, it said on July 4. The company said that “significant” gas flow rates have been achieved from Korhaan wells 4 and 3, establishing pilot production flow rates.

Korhaan 5 was tested first, Korhaan-4 was the second well to be tested and Korhaan-3 was tested in May. All the Korhaan project wells were percussion drilled to intersect carbonaceous sandstone and coal geology at depths that ranged from 130 m to 450 m.

Kinetiko said it now has achieved gas flows to enter a pilot production phase in the near future with South Africa's Vutomi Energy. The programme entails using the two historic pilot production wells KA-03PTR and KA-PT2 to join the new Korhaan wells 4 and 3 to produce gas to an in-field, containerised generator linked to the existing grid running through the adjacent farmlands.

The first phase of commissioning and testing will be undertaken targeting 1 MW of output. Further phases are planned for the upgrading of the conductors and transformer to enable a scalable modular system increased output to 5 MW, Kinetiko said.

The Korhaan wells 4 and 3 along with KA-03PTR and KA-03PT2 wells are anticipated to collectively deliver between 200,000 and 250,000 ft3/day to drive the first pilot production gas field power generation.

Kinetiko Energy is an Australian gas explorer focused on advanced shallow conventional gas and coalbed methane opportunities in Southern Africa. It signed an agreement in December to acquire 100% of Afro Energy from Badimo Gas. Kinetiko originally owned 49% of Afro, which holds the South African exploration rights and production approvals linked to its assets.