Jordan Imported Over 5bn m³ of LNG in 2016

Jordan imported 8.6mn m³ of LNG cargoes at -160 deg C, official Petra News Agency reported January 8 citing government data.

That represents the regasified equivalent of 5.2bn m³ during 2016 imported into Jordan. Of that, about 0.67bn m³ of LNG was then exported to Egypt.

The fuel was imported via the floating LNG terminal at Aqaba, which became operational in July 2015; 48 cargoes were imported, of which 40 by Jordan’s state owned electricity company, National Electric Power Company, while 7 were supplied by Shell from Qatar. LNG cargo sizes ranged between 125,000 m³ and 165,000 m³.

Under its agreement with NEPCO, Shell has agreed to supply 150mn ft³/d LNG to the Aqaba LNG terminal. 

NEPCO has decided to increase gas purchases from international markets as part of efforts to reduce losses and shift to less expensive gas than diesel and heavy fuel for power generation. In May 2016 Jordan signed a memo of understanding to buy LNG from Algeria.

Egypt has two floating LNG import terminals of its own but recently deferred a tender for the supply of a third one.


Shardul Sharma



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