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    Jera Submits Chita CCGT Environmental Plan


Five units at the Japanese plant need to be decommissioned and two more need to be built.

by: William Powell

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Jera Submits Chita CCGT Environmental Plan

Japanese utility Jera has submitted the environmental impact assessment for proposed new units 7 and 8 at its ageing Chita combined-cycle gas turbine power plant to the local authorities, it said March 16. The primary documents were submitted in October.

The Chita construction plan involves decommissioning units 1-5; retaining unit 6; and building units 7 and 8. "In order to reduce CO2 emissions, for new units 7 and 8 the plan adopts the latest high-efficiency combined cycle power generation system (with gross efficiency of about 63%). In addition, the environmental burden due to smoke and warm wastewater is expected to be lower when the plan has been carried out than for operations at the existing facility," it said.

Public meetings will be held March 26, with the plans available for viewing from March 17.