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    Hokkaido Gas to Receive Carbon-Neutral LNG


The cargo accounts for 10% of the annual LNG supply the Japanese power company receives.

by: Joe Murphy

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Hokkaido Gas to Receive Carbon-Neutral LNG

Japanese power company Hokkaido Gas is set to receive carbon-neutral LNG cargo from domestic trading group Mitsui, the companies said on February 26.

The cargo is due to arrive at the Ishikari LNG terminal on March 18 and accounts for 10% of Hokkaido's annual LNG deliveries. It will be provided under an existing contract between Hokkaido and Mitsui agreed in October 2017. This contract covers around 200,000 metric tons/year of LNG, or three cargoes, over a 10-year basis until March 2029.

Mitsui will provide its carbon credits to Hokkaido to offset CO2 emissions relating to the cargo. The companies did not clarify whether they had agreed on the delivery of only one carbon neutral LNG cargo or additional supplies.