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    Jamaica looks to break away from oil


A resource plan laid out by the island nation sets ambitious targets for renewable energy and natural gas.

by: Daniel Graeber

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Jamaica looks to break away from oil

Jamaica has set out a natural resource plan that includes renewables and natural gas as means of reducing its exposure to external factors on the oil market.

The government's Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) published August 10 aims to add as much as 1.26 GW of combined wind and solar power, 330 MW of gas-fired power capacity and some 74 MW of combined hydro, biomass or waste power by 2037.

Diane Edwards, the head of JAMPRO – the island nation’s business development arm – said the COVID-19 pandemic created an opportunity for reinvention.

“While there was a sense of uncertainty, especially at the start of the pandemic, we knew we had to continue to nurture our relationships and the opportunity for renewable energy in Jamaica, and increase our marketing activities,” she said. “COVID-19 re-emphasised the fact that sectors such as logistics, energy and agriculture should be high priorities, so the Jamaican government really used this moment to identify the areas that needed more focus as we continue Jamaica's development.”

The investment promotion agency for Jamaica, JAMPRO said it would be in charge of implementing the IRP.