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    Italy’s Eni to explore hydrogen for transportation


The company said it planned to have two hydrogen refueling stations open in Italy by early next year.

by: Daniel Graeber

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Italy’s Eni to explore hydrogen for transportation

Italian energy company Eni said November 4 it teamed up with French services company Air Liquide to explore ways to build up the infrastructure needed to support hydrogen mobility in Italy.

Both sides said they would work on feasibility and sustainability studies that would support the development of the supply chain necessary to bring hydrogen as a fuel to the transport sector. The partners will also look for the best locations to install hydrogen refuelling stations across Italy.

“The decarbonisation of transport must make use of the synergy and complementarity of available technologies,” said Giuseppe Ricci, the general manager for energy evolution at Eni. “For this reason, Eni has launched activities ranging from the strengthening of power systems for electric vehicles to the production of biofuels, from the distribution of biomethane to that of hydrogen, which is one of the products to reduce emissions on which Eni intends to accelerate.”

Two hydrogen refuelling centres are slated for opening by the beginning of 2022.

The Italian company in October initiated a public offering for its retail and renewables division, which it said would not only generate more value but was an “essential” component of its effort to decarbonise what its retail customers consume. Eni said it intended to retain a majority stake in the listed company, although the latter will be financially independent with its own balance sheet and credit rating.

But even with its low-carbon commitments, however, the company said it expected total hydrocarbon production to average around 1.7mn barrels of oil equivalent/d for full-year 2021 and expected more oil and gas from projects off the coast of West Africa.