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    Italy’s Eni makes green transportation strides


The energy company teamed up with public transport company FNM.

by: Daniel Graeber

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Italy’s Eni makes green transportation strides

Italian energy company Eni announced April 6 that it was laying the groundwork for a cleaner transportation sector by working with Italian public transport company Ferrovie Nord Milano.

A letter of intent signed by Eni and FNM provides the framework for potential collaboration on ways to cut CO2 emissions from gas-powered vehicles. Additional work would extend to capturing, storing and possibly using CO2 generated from the production of hydrogen for the transportation sector and a possible deployment of hydrogen distribution points.

“Leveraging its expertise and the range of energy technologies and products developed with the aim of reducing CO2 emissions, Eni will support FNM in this ambitious programme, contributing to the achievement of the sector's decarbonisation targets,” Giuseppe Ricci, Eni’s COO for energy evolution said.

Eni’s partnership with the transport company is part of the so-called H2iseO project, led by FNM and Italian railway company Trenord. That project targets the development of what is described as a hydrogen valley connecting the northern Italian cities of Sebino and Valcomonica.

“The agreement with Eni is very much in line with the pathway towards zero environmental impact mobility that FNM promotes,” PNM president Andrea Gibelli said.

Italy is among the 27 members of the EU that has set carbon neutrality by 2050 as a goal.