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    Italian Storage Operator Joins Prisma Platform


Gas storage and capacity services can now be booked at the same time.

by: William Powell

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Italian Storage Operator Joins Prisma Platform

Italian storage operator Stogit will offer its products on capacity trading platform Prisma from October 31, the German-based company said. "The launch of Stogit on Prisma is in line with our company’s aim of making fair markets happen, first and foremost, through digital harmonisation and standardisation of procedures for access to gas capacity," it said.

“Stogit’s presence on Prisma is a great sign of openness towards the European market and represents an important achievement in our pursuit of common European standards through systems that ensure safe and stable gas capacity management,” said managing director Goetz Lincke.

Stogit, a subsidiary of gas transmission company Snam, operates the biggest national capacity in the European Union and Prisma will allow shippers to request transport and storage capacity in one platform.