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    Israel greenlights gas flow to Egypt via Jordan


The decision was made in light of growing gas demand in Egypt.

by: Joseph Murphy

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Israel greenlights gas flow to Egypt via Jordan

Israel's energy ministry announced on February 16 it had approved the shipment of the country's gas to Egypt via a new route through Jordan, in light of growing Egyptian gas demand. 

Deliveries via the new route will start by the end of this month, the ministry said, estimating that they would reach 2.5-3.0bn min this year alone, potentially rising to 4bn m3/year in the future.

Egypt produces its own gas but its demand is growing and it also exports some of its supply from two LNG terminals. It has been buying gas from Israel's Leviathan field since December 2019. The field is operated by Chevron, which acquired former operator Noble Energy in October 2020.