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    IGU LNG2019 Presentation - World LNG Report - VIdeo [GGP]


LNG trade breaks another record, growing for the fifth year in a row at nearly 10 percent, while the market gets more liquid. Learn more about trade and other key LNG developments in the IGU 2019 edition of the World LNG Report

by: International Gas Union

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IGU LNG2019 Presentation - World LNG Report - VIdeo [GGP]

On April 2nd, 2019, the International Gas Union released the 2019 edition of its flagship World LNG Report.

The most comprehensive public source of information on the global LNG sector developments, latest market trends, investments, capacities, and much more.

The full 2019 edition of the IGU 2019 World LNG Report can be found at the International Gas Union website  HERE