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    IEA sees lower LNG imports through June


The UK, meanwhile, saw net exports of LNG jump considerably from last year.

by: Daniel Graeber

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IEA sees lower LNG imports through June

The International Energy Agency (IEA) reported September 14 that total exports of LNG in the first six months of this year improved versus the level a year earlier, though imports did not follow suit.

This year through June, OECD members took in a total of 146.9bn m3 of natural gas in liquefied form through June, a 5.7% decline from the same period in 2020.

Elsewhere, the IEA reported that Algeria saw imports improve 4.7% from June 2020 to 10.2bn m3. In late July, Algerian state oil and gas company Sonatrach returned its Skikda liquefaction plant to normal operations after a 45-day outage.

Russia too saw imports increase, with the 16.4bn m3 through June representing an 8.4% increase over the level in the corresponding period of 2020. The IEA reported few other major national gains in LNG imports.

For exports, the IEA reported that volumes increased 0.8% from the previous year through June 2020, to 396bn m3. The UK led the pack with a 68.5% increase, reaching 11.7bn m3 through June 2021. Exports from the Czech Republic increased 16.8%, while US exports of LNG improved by 12.5%.