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    Icelandic aviation to explore green hydrogen


Green hydrogen makes sense for an economy powered by renewable energy, Universal Hydrogen said.

by: Daniel Graeber

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Icelandic aviation to explore green hydrogen

Aerospace-focused company Universal Hydrogen said July 14 that it signed a letter of intent with an Icelandic airline group to explore green hydrogen for its domestic air fleet.

The company signed an agreement with Icelandair Group that was described as the initial step in a multilateral initiative that could include hydrogen producers, airports and transportation companies in Iceland.

“In a country with an electricity network powered by renewable energy, this represents an opportunity to decarbonise one of the most challenging industries – aviation,” Universal Hydrogen said.

Green hydrogen utilises renewable energy to power an electrolyser that splits water into hydrogen and oxygen. Universal Hydrogen said that its modular hydrogen capsule technology could be employed to help propel aircraft for Icelandair Group’s domestic fleet.

“Icelandair sets the standard high for responsible aviation, we are committed to reducing our carbon emissions and believe we are in a good position to become one of the world’s first airlines to fully decarbonise our domestic network,” said CEO Bogi Nils Bogason.

Hydrogen is already establishing a footprint in the broader regional transportation sector. French energy company on July 12 signed a preliminary agreement with US-based hydrogen vehicle company Hyzon Motors to explore hydrogen supplies for Europe.

Icelandair had 46 aircraft in its fleet as of December, 31, 2020. Most of those are 700-class Boeing passenger jets.