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    Haisla JV advances LNG Canada project


Joint venture with Mammoet finishes pile placement, prepares for module arrival [Image credit: LNG Canada]

by: Dale Lunan

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Haisla JV advances LNG Canada project

A joint venture of Haisla Nation and global heavy-lift leader Mammoet said June 17 it had completed the pile handling scope of its contract with the LNG Canada consortium, and was now looking forward to the arrival later this year of the first modules for the 14mn mt/yr natural gas liquefaction and export terminal project.

In April, the Mammoet-Haisla Joint Venture completed the year-long piling portion (banner image) of its contract with the JGC-Fluor joint venture (LNG Canada’s EPC contractor), offloading, moving and placing some 6,500 piles that will form the foundations for the terminal’s process modules.

But the pile handling scope was just the start of Mammoet-Haisla’s work on the C$40bn (US$33bn) project: beginning later this year, it will receive, offload, transport and place all the oversize equipment and modules at the site in Kitimat harbour, at the head of the Douglas Channel. Over a span of three years, the joint venture will be responsible for the horizontal and vertical movement of more than 350,000 mt of equipment, with the largest modules weighing more than 10,000 mt and towering as high as 50 m.

That scope actually kicked off earlier this month, when Mammoet-Haisla offloaded and transported the first major equipment at the site, a 345-mt cryogenic heat exchanger and two precooler units weighing 308 mt and 284 mt. Similar units for LNG Canada’s second train will arrive later this summer.

The crane scope of Mammoet-Haisla’s contract will also begin this fall, when three heavy-lift cranes and several smaller support cranes will arrive at the site to be used in the placement of the modules.